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We are located in beautiful and historic Tampa, Florida. Tampa is located on the West coast of Florida very near the Gulf of Mexico and is home to the Port of Tampa where shipments from all over the world arrive. Including Travertine and Marble from Turkey.


Travertine is one of the oldest building materials still in use today. It is formed by the precipitation of calcium carbonate usually related to hot springs. The travertine we sell is imported from Turkey and is some of the finest in all the world.


One of the most luxurious and sought after natural stone for building is marble. It is formed deeper in the Earth than travertine because to become marble the materials must undergo pressure and heat to fuse the elements together.


Natural stones like travertine and marble were once soley for the most exclusive homes or buildings. But with todays technology these beautiful stones can be part of your project without exploding the cost. Contact us today!

What is Travertine?

Travertine is a natural stone that is derived from the precipitation of calcium carbonate. Or, in more simple terms, it is the left over deposits from places like hot mineral springs as the liquid evaporates away and the chemical soup hardens. This stone is hard enough to withstand centuries of use in buildings and structures yet soft enough to be easily worked by craftsmen and DIY'ers alike.

Where does the Best Travertine Come From?

Travertine is formed in hot springs so it is found in active geothermal areas. Some of the oldest areas are in Turkey were it has been quarried for centuries. In recent years some mining has taken place in Mexico and the Southwestern US but the highest quality travertine at this time comes from Turkey.


Why is travertine and marble now affordable?

It used to be done strictly by hand and was very labor intensive hence the high cost. But as technology has improved so have the harvesting methods of travertine. Like many things now a lot of the process is automated by machines.

How do I select my travertine?

First you determine the application.

1. Tiles are used primarily for interior applications or in exterior applications for more decorative purposes.
2. Pavers are used in exterior applications in heavy traffic areas.

The next thing to determine is what color works best with your surroundings and what do you want to accomplish? Do you want the floor to blend in and be part of the room or do you want it to stand out and be a feature in itself? For the more traditional looks you are safe with colors like Ivory and Country Classic or Even a Roman Blend. If you are looking for something that makes more of a statement then you might consider Antique Onyx or Ocean Blue to really offer something different.

Next is the finish. Depending on the color, you can choose from not just several finishes such as tumbled, brushed & Chiseled or honed& Filled but you can choose the very pattern the tile is laid in to set your space apart from everyone else. You can choose French Pattern, basket weave or several others.


What Colors are available?

Oddly enough there is no set naming convention in the natural stone industry. Different quarries mine different stones that are somewhat similar and each quarry or importer is free to name them whatever they want. But it is smart to stick with what names have been established to have some consistency. Here is a lose guide to colors.

White - In natural stone there is no perfect, true white. During formation most stone has other minerals that produce other colors. It is how mother nature works. Our "white" travertines are: Ivory, Shell Stone and White Pearl is in marble.

Tan - Tans and cream colors are very strong in travertine. It is the most prevalent base color in our products. We offer Country Classic, River, Leonardo collections in travertine and in marble, Ephesus, Cappuccino and Cappadocia (Scabos),

Dark - for the right instance dark, rich colors are sought, we carry our Noce and Roman colors in travertine and Emperado and Ocean Blue in Marble.

Vibrant - Some are looking for their project to makea statement. For that our Antique Onyx, Savannah Sunset, Gold or Autumn Blend would be a great suggestion.

It is also important to point out that being a product of nature no two stone look exactly alike. Color can vary quite a bit from tile to tile or paver to paver. That is part of the uniqueness of having real, natural stone. It does not look like a cookie cutter, man-made project. Even if you buy the same stone as your neighbor your project will look different.

This is an example of Cappadocia pavers. These are all Cappadocia but you can see the wide color variance making each project unique.


What Finishes Are Available?

Travertine comes in several finishes. If aesthetics is not your primary consideration your application will determine what finish is best for you.

Tumbled - Tumbled is the most basic, popular finish. It provides a beautiful matte looking finish. That matte looking finish also provides a certain amount of grip to feet and shoes that a polished surface will not. Tumbled is highly suggested for decking and coping around pools and can be a benefit in areas like kitchens and baths where water may be a consideration.

Honed and Filled- H&F has the surface of the stone filled with an epoxy to provide a smooth, even surface like you find on man-made products. The surface is then honed just short of polishing. It is a very smooth surface with not as much matte as tumbled but not shiny like Polished.

Brushed and Chiseled - For our most dramatic and rustic look Brushed and chiseled is the way to go. It will make a floor look like it came from a Renaissance castle. Add to this the French Pattern and you have a very visually appealing look.

Polished - Polished tiles are what many think of when thinking of flooring. The surface has been filled and polished to a high gloss. This is where you get that beautiful, reflective look.


What edging or finish products are available?

All tile jobs need a way to finish off the end of a run of tile. If your tile meets up with carpet or wood flooring there are solutions but what about a shower surround? How do you end the tile run there? Or a back splash?

Bullnose - Bullnose is the rounded edge of a tile or paver that is to be used at the end of a run or the edge of a job. It is a half curve that makes the edge look finished. This can be applied to pavers through custom fabrication at our facility or you can purchase specialty bullnose pieces that come in our most popular colors.

Ogee - Ogee or more commonly known as "chair rail" is a decorative piece that is used a lot in decorative tile installations. It can be the dividing break in a wall or a border around a piece.


What Sizes Are Available in Travertine and Marble Tiles and Pavers?

What sizes are travertine and marble available in?

Tile sizes

  • 12"x12"
  • 18"x18"
  • 12"x24"
  • 24"x24"
  • 16"x16"
  • French Pattern

Paver Sizes

  • 12"x12"
  • 18"x18"
  • 12"x24"
  • 24"x24"
  • 16"x16"
  • French Pattern

Mosaics and small sizes

  • 1"x1"
  • 2"x2"
  • 4"x4"
  • 6"x6"
  • 1"x2"
  • 2"x4"
  • 3"x6"
  • 1/2" x Free
  • 4"x Free
  • Mini-French Pattern

How does my travertine or marble get delivered to me?

Shipping natural stone isn't like buying your average household products off line that are delivered by UPS or USPS. If you are buying a fair amount of tiles or pavers they are shipped in a crate that weights close to or over a ton (2,000 lbs) and is transported by a freight delivery company. That means your materials are going to arrive on the back of a tractor trailer semi and off loaded with a forklift.

Please keep in mind, this is natural stone that has made a trip literally half way around the world. Even though we take the greatest care in packaging and shipping some breakage will occur. It is important to note that when your materials arrive that your installers are present because you want to inspect the shipment completely before signing off on delivery. If there are any damages it needs to be noted on the bill of lading and immediately reported to us so that we can make sure you have what you need.


What about Cold Climates?

Can travertine be used in the colder climates where freezing is a concern?

The short answer is Yes but that needs to be qualified.

Travertine being a natural stone can survive the temperature changes just fine. The area you might want to consider is the surface of the travertine itself. If you are using one of the lower grades of travertine that have more porosity that allows water to pool in the stone and then freezes causing cracks or breakage. If you are in a climate where freezing occurs you will want to select a premium grade travertine that has very little porosity if any. This will prevent the pooling of water in the stone and the damage of your pavers.


What if I’m a contractor or Builder and need to buy in bulk?

If you are a builder or contractor and use a lot of travertine and or marble and are looking for the absolute best pricing there is in the industry? There is no better pricing than to buy your material in bulk by the shipping container.

We can have your materials delivered to your yard or project in the shipping container it arrives in the USA in.
To learn more please contact us at (813) 885-6900

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